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Product Specification WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER MAKES WATER PUMP AUTOMATIC Automatic start & stop of Water Pump as per upper & lower tank(s) level. Advance Magnet Sensor Level sensing technology is used in which there is no possibility of rust, salt deposition or electric shock. ARE YOU USING WATER PUMP ?THEN MANY A TIMES..... - Tank gets overflow.... which is a wastage of water and electricity. - Tank gets totally empty if you have forgotten to switch ON the pump. - Pump runs DRY..... because Ground level tank is empty. - You have to climb up above to the terrace to see the level of water in the tank. ..... TO GET RID OF ALL THESE..... JUST USE....HYDROFILL: FULLY AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER WITH MAGNET SENSOR. MAGNET SENSOR MEANS MOST ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY. MAGNET SENSORS USED TO CHECK THE LEVEL OF WATER ARE SHOCK PROOF, RUST FREE & THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF SALT DEPOSITION ON IT. * Automatic Start & Stop of Water Pump. * Facility of Fully Automatic Semi Auto & Manual Control. * Most advance Magnet Sensor level sensing technology. * Led display for Power ON, Pump ON & Pump OFF. * Avoids water wastage. * Reduces electric bill & Saves Electricity. ......LET YOUR WATER PUMP RUN AUTOMATICALLY AND FORGET THAT YOU HAVE A PUMP....... MODELS: MODEL AVAILABLE: a) NORMAL PUMP up to 1.5 HP b) NORMAL PUMP from 1.5 to 3.0 HP c) 3 phase pumps with direct on line starters d) 3 phase pumps with star delta starters. |WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER MAKES WATER PUMP AUTOMATIC| |WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER IN VADODARA | |WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER IN VADODARA | |WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER IN VADODARA |
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